Justin Blum’s Top Five Holiday Health Tips

November 2, 2018
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November is here and whether you’re working off that Halloween candy or thinking about your New Year’s outfit, it’s officially holiday season. The darker days, colder weather, comfort food, cocktails, potlucks and parties can sometimes get the best of us. Not to mention, football and hockey (Go Knights!) – oh my!

Studies show that weight gained throughout the months of October through December, on average, can take more than five months to lose. That puts us well into summer here in Las Vegas, so fitness expert and Raw Fitness Founder Justin Blum put together his top five tips to stay healthy and happy this winter. Don’t sabotage that summer body this holiday season!

  1. Find Your Why. At Raw Fitness, we like to ask ourselves, “what is your why?” because it reminds us all of our motivation to seek change. Whether you are looking to be stronger, lose weight, fight mental illness, have more energy or even train for a marathon, setting your sights on your own personal goal will help you make those healthy food decisions when the going gets tough. Find your why and write it down. Put it on the bathroom mirror or save it as your screensaver as a daily reminder to not give up.
  2. Be Realistic. Unless you are in our six week challenge (Way to go, challengers! You got this!), the holidays are a tough time to create lofty weight loss goals for yourself. Rather than setting challenging weight loss goals, try to focus on maintaining your current weight and/or creating smaller, more attainable goals throughout the holidays. Shoot for five classes per week, add running into your routine or go for that box jump you’ve been scared to try. Setting realistic goals now will help you build confidence and stay on track.
  3. Commit To Consistency. No matter what time of year it is, being consistent is one of the most challenging aspects of a health and fitness routine. Life can get in the way and many of us take breaks and find it hard to get back in the gym after time off. This holiday season, commit to being consistent, and you’ll set yourself up for success for the New Year. Whatever consistency looks like for you, create those goals each week and check them off and you’ll be ready to roll when 2019 comes around.
  4. Don’t Beat Yourself Up. The holiday season is meant to be enjoyed. Family recipes, friends and gatherings should still be fun. If you overdo it (which many of us will), don’t send yourself into a downward spiral of shame. Easier said than done, but the best thing you can do is realize that tomorrow is a new day, and you can get right back into your healthy routine. It’s called balance, and the more you practice it, the better at it you’ll become.
  5. Learn Healthy Swaps. While this can be applied all year round, healthy swaps are a great way to enjoy the holidays while also hitting your health goals. Challenge yourself to recreate your favorite dish switching out key ingredients for healthier versions, such as noodles for zoodles, cauliflower instead of potatoes or ground oatmeal in place of flour. You’ll still be able to enjoy your holiday favorites with less guilt so you can feel good about chowing down.

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